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About four months ago, the first newsletter for Michael E Hyde Bagpiper for All

Occasions was released. This is a bi-monthly publication that is sent to recipients

via email.

There were a few reasons for this endeavor so let’s discuss this a little


1. Provide a brief yet in depth synopsis of events Michael participates in;

2. Serves as a marketing tool to connect with prospective clients;

3. Reaches those who are not connected on Social Media with Michael

This is the main criteria we aim to meet when compiling information to include.

We release publications every other month so we have a nice array of engagements

to choose from to share. Also, we like to space out releases so those who sign up to

receive it have time to enjoy its content without a new issue coming out too close


The last one came out in December, so we are gearing up for the third edition to

come out in about another week. There will be exciting things to share that are

coming up in March, plus our usual Joke of the Bi-Month. To see what else Michael E

Hyde Bagpiper is talking about, make you sure you sign up through Michael’s

website here.

It’s going to be good so don’t wait and don’t miss out.

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