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Wedding Bagpipes

Weddings are an exhilarating celebration of love between two people embarking on a new journey together. Right after a YES comes lots of yes and no choices; you plan food, the flowers, and photography. Sometimes, it’s smaller and more intimate; sometimes it’s grander and extravagant. For these options and all the kinds in between, there is one uniquely memorable selection matching any style or color scheme: having a bagpiper at your wedding.

With more than 300 weddings participated in, Michael appreciates taking part in every kind of ceremony and celebration. Whether your special day will take place with an outdoor event at the beach, park, or in any denomination of a church, Michael has piped at all types of location. For tinier spaces like a chapel, he even plays the much quieter Shuttle Pipes. With no electricity needed, all ceremony music can be supplied if desired.

Michael also works with the wedding planner or the clergy to choreograph his participation. Typically, he greets guests at the ceremony’s start and pipes them in to their seats. You will also find him leading the newly joined couple into their reception delivering a magnificent entrance.

As for dress code, Michael wears traditional Highland attire. Ever conscious of the detailed planning that goes into a wedding’s look, Michael has four different kilts to assist in complimenting bridal party colors. This is another special way to coordinate every last detail of your festivity.

It’s not too late to book for this current wedding season. Contact Michael to discuss an incorporation of the bagpipes at your wedding extravaganza.

Photo Credit: Google Images

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