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With Appreciation

This month Michael experienced a truly remarkable recognition; he was awarded the Exceptional Duty Award from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, as well as Volunteer of the Second Quarter. Michael is a Special Deputy with this agency, having worked with them and Indian River County Fire Rescue the last 18 years. Accepting these awards provided the utmost sense of honor and appreciation for Michael, as he is completely grateful to do what he does for a living through a lifelong passion.

Michael comes from a family with many decades of devoted work in Public Service. His dad, Mike, was the Fire Chief of Alpine Fire Department. When Michael was a child he remembers whenever they had a parade in town, his dad would hire a pipe and drum band to march as well. This symbolic example of the respect the pipes lend to Public Service opportunities stayed with Michael and have helped form his contributions for various events and engagements in the fields of law enforcement and fire rescue.

Grateful and with the deepest respect, Michael thanks Sheriff Loar and Indian River County Sheriff’s Office for this recognition. His appreciation and dedication march on.

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