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A Celebration Across the Pond

20 years of marriage is indeed a celebratory occasion. Reaching this momentous milestone in July, Michael and Christine decided to go on an adventure to commemorate from the highest castle top possible; they traveled to Scotland!

To surmise, the trip was nothing short of excellent. It was full of delicious meals, breathtaking sites, and offered an abundance of interactive opportunity to engage in the culture of the land formerly known as Caledonia.

If you are presented with the opportunity to venture across the pond, consider:

Michael’s Top 6 Scotland Observations:

1. Coos-

Highland Cattle, or Coos, in person are a remarkable sight. Their long bangs cover their big eyes and they are incredibly gentle creatures. Michael was able to pet one directly and feel the ring in his nose just long enough for him to turn his horn as though to say, “That’s enough. We’re good here.” The Red Deer were also quite a sight to see in person. They are particularly special to Michael, as they are the symbol of his family Clan.

2. Churches-

One of Christine and Michael’s personal highs of the trip was the opportunity to worship in at least five churches, all of different denominations. It was particularly exciting to visit Rosslyn Chapel, made particularly famous from The Da Vinci Code book and film.

3. Food-

The food was certainly a top-notch experience. Haggis and locally caught Fish and Chips filled Michael’s plate daily and was often bigger than the plate he ate off of. Also, starting each day with a traditional Scottish breakfast of egg, fried tomato, Haggis, and blood sausage wasn’t too shabby either. When in Rome…

4. Landscape-

No matter where you looked any direction, the land of Scotland is suitable for the most ideal, picturesque postcard. The mountains everywhere and the most perfect temperatures of 50-60 degrees, with brief rain showers throughout the day, made for a truly magnificent terrain.

5. Timelessness-

Everything from local housing, to churches and cathedrals, to the Ruins and castles there is timelessness to what you’re witnessing. You realize how ancient of a place the country is and how much beauty is in its strong history.

6. The International Edinburgh Military Tattoo-

The entire trip was built around attending this spectacular show and it did not disappoint. The sounds, sights and atmosphere of being in a 1500+ year old fort/castle was overwhelmingly moving and such a blessing to be witness to, particularly to someone who breathes these details. It certainly stirs one's heart and soul.

This year featured several of Michael's favorite Highland Regiments. Towards the finish of the show, a lone piper is featured on top the castle parapet, lit up by a single spotlight making this an incredibly powerful view. Finally, the culmination was the traditional Auld Lang Syne with the massed pipes. The entire production was a phenominal performance making one proud to have Gaelic blood in even prouder American veins!

In closing, Michael would like to extend his most sincere, loving thank you to Christine, his brother Steven, and his sister-in-law Sandra for making this dream trip happen.

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