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Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season to All!

Christmas time brings alive many traditions for every person and family and is one of the most magical seasons of the year for this very reason. Whether you attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve, volunteer at your local soup kitchen every Wednesday, or make pancakes for breakfast on Christmas Day, it's a cherished time to make memories. It's also an amazing opportunity to celebrate with a positive outlook, show care for mankind, and give love and laughter as much as you can.

One tradition Michael keeps up with every holiday season is spreading love and kindness. Whether he is ringing the bell with his favorite charity The Salvation Army or piping in the hometown Christmas Parade, he is inspired by the unity created everywhere. He hopes to see you out and about in the community this year and wishes you the very best memory making of all.

What are some of your traditions? What new ones do you aim to make this year?

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